Generative Ai: Redefining the Art of Engineering

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Generative Ki: Für eine neue Ingenieurskunst

Mein Vortrag von der Hannover Messe ist online.

Worum geht es: Generative Ai will change research and development processes dramatically. Todays Engineering is mainly based on engineering sciences. In future many of these tasks will be done by Ai. What does this mean for engineering processes? What will be the role and the tasks of the engineer in the future? Predictions of new materials as well as calculations, programming and generating new forms will be done by Ai. Selecting and curating these results will be the tasks of engineers. To imagine and invent new technologies and products, giving the ai the right directions will be key skills of the future engineers. This means we need to redefine the art of engineering. In my presentation I will give a lookout on research and development processes that are already capable with generative ai. I will show how it will change engineering and why we need to create a new ai based art of engineering.

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